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The Curriculum From three actors who have presented each other Information on me GTA 6. More precisely, they may have revealed something about the characters and the codename used internally by Rockstar Games to talk about the game, as well as the presence of a radio. But let’s go in order.

Users of the GTA Forums, a forum dedicated to the Rockstar series active since 2001, have explored hundreds of biographies of artists associated with Entertainment Lab, a New York City-based agency that has frequently worked with studio The Warriors, revealing at least three actors apparently related with GTA 6.

The first is Nick Mills, who entered This page It is indicated that he was chosen by Rockstar for the dubbing job (point 14 in the right column). Nothing striking yet. pages Marco Virgilio Based on Natonia MonetBoth are related to a project calledfireballNow, Monet’s page indicated that Fireball is produced by Rockstar Games and indicated the name of her character: Tamara. Let’s write in the past tense because in the meantime the actress has changed the syllabus, removing the references indicated, immediately upon finding out that Fireball may be the codename for GTA 6 (Leak is July 15, references removed from CV on July 16.)

From Virgil’s approach instead, it has been learned that in GTA 6 it can be one a radio station It’s called Radio Hinterland, whose actor will be the DJ.

Let’s sum up: The codename for GTA 6 should be Fireball. In the game there may be a character named Tamara and a radio called Radio Hinterland.

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From this information some users have come to the decision that they will return to it too Underworld. Now, it must be said that they did a lot of imagination, so treat all of that with caution.

According to GTA Forums Americana user, Fireball is the name of a song by musician Pitbull. Pitbull comes from Miami. Miami, of course, is the main source of inspiration for Vice City, the city seen in 2002’s GTA III II. It’s also the last city in the Liberty City Trinity, San Andreas, and, in fact, Vice City, not revisited at the time. HD, started with GTA IV.

Of course this is rather complicated logic and does not prove anything, but it would not be a bad idea to go back to Vice City.

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