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In May 2022, Mediaset Infinity will offer free broadcasts of new episodes of the Miracle Workers series and matches of the Champions League and Coppa Italia. The Dune and Matrix revival is coming to Infinity+.

What awaits us in May 2022 above Mediaset Infinity? Let’s try to split the offer among the freely available programs in flow On the platform, and those that can be viewed after a monthly subscription with Infiniti + or on thematic channels. So let’s explore the news in the Mediaset family on demand, without forgetting about it sports (including Italian Cup and Champions League matches), . Discover Mediaset Infinity

As for the TV programs that can be watched for free Mediaset Infinity In May 2022, we reported continuing Famous Island, live double date on Canale 5 with Ilary Blasi: Monday and Friday, prime time. Straight from Honduras, Nicolas Savino and Vladimir Luxoria continue to comment in the studio on the adventures of the untouchables this season. Exclusive to Mediaset Infinity, scheduled every Monday and Thursday at 8:30 PM, no shortageisland partyBehind the scenes where Ignazio Moser and Valentina Barbieri commented on what is happening on the reality show.
Two free series on the platform: miracle workers Follows the caravan journey to Oregon of the young preacher Ezekiel Brown (Daniel Radcliffe) and ban penny (Steve Buscemi). He’s already left instead Another factwhere the lone survivor of a serial killer is shocked by a new crime: a girl murdered in the Basque Country that only seems to suggest Itsa’s return…
Are you interested in sports instead? there Champions League communicate with semi-finalswhile for Italian Cup May 11 is the day Final between Inter and Juventus! We also remind you, in case you want to spend on a Juventus TV subscription, that in May the focus on Mirko Vucinic will be published in three episodes.

Cinemas on Infinity+, MGM, and Midnight Factory

The paid sections continue to offer modern high-quality cinema. Especially the initiative.the first show(making a movie rentable that all subscribers can watch for a short time) will offer notable features such as dunes By Denis Villeneuve (6-12 May), the Italian version of 7 Women and Mystery (from 13 to 19) H Resurrection Matrix (from 20 to 26). From 27 back to premiere macho cry By Clint Eastwood, along with the documentary Clint Eastwood: A Cinematic Legacy Who follows an impressive career.
on the channel MGM – Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Comes the revival of a classic ’80s movie, reinterpreted in 2014 with Robocopstarring Joel Kinman, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton, set in Detroit in the year 2028, where a severely injured cop is rethought as a robot…
midnight factory As usual he dedicates himself to the horror author and from May 12th offers mastery killer jokesone consecutive take where some teenage girl’s joke against a lonely neighbor turns into a nightmare… Watch Dune on Infinity +
Watch 7 Women and a Puzzle on Infinity +
Watch Matrix Resurrections on Infinity +

In May 2022, younger viewers will have the opportunity to follow stories, nursery rhymes and songs cocumillonAn animated series that aims to educate preschool children.
Top crime + investigation play there America’s Monsters – At the Roots of Evil, an investigation dedicated to the real serial killers of history: Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, The Green River Killer and BTK. An insight into the wave of murders that rocked America from the mid-1970s to the 1980s.
Top play history Historian Bill Lip travels through US history with the show man vs history: What is the boundary between truth and myth?
the channel Please play Instead it makes us sink into the remnants of wrestling WWE: Searching for Wrestling Treasureswhere Paul Michael Levesque (formerly Triple H) and his wife, along with a team of fans, try to find memorabilia from that environment. Discover Mediaset Infinity

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