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Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE from Italy and Argentina, Tokyo Olympic Volleyball 2020 Quarterfinals. A classic challenge of world volleyball, with many precedents that deserve a place in the semi-finals. Gianlorenzo Bellingini’s national team has so far been convinced in flashes and has the potential to score tonight’s goal: the semi-finals.

The Azzurri have only lost against Poland, and they have achieved four victories Which led to the second place in the group. The diameter must be found: gianelli Not at his best after the injury that prevented him on the eve of the match against Poland e Zaitsev He rested in the match with Venezuela to recover from a small hand injury he sustained against Iran. Blengeni will rely on the starting lineup for an inside-out match that hides many pitfalls.

Argentina arrived upset for this challenge as they managed to eliminate the United States and enter the top four of the group, which is a long way off that night. Needless to say, the conductor of the orchestra is an acquaintance of Italian fans and replies to Luciano de Secco, who plays the Olympic Games of the highest quality. The revelation in attack is called Bruno Lima, the Argentine opposite who tops all the performance charts Olympic tournament.

In the position is another player who is famous in Italy and has a great core such as Civitanova midfielder Sebastian Sule, Who participates in a good tournament, but the real revelation is the center Augustìn Loser, 24, is a staple of Tourcoing. In the squad is another old acquaintance of Serie A, Facundo Conte, the son of that Hugo who was the protagonist of another great Argentina volleyball, who plays in Brazil at Sada, and Ezequiel Palacios, who plays on the island of Formosa. Also comes the free rider from the Italian championship, Santiago Danny, who wore the Padua shirt last season

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OA Sport brings you live broadcasts from Italy and Argentina, the quarter-finals of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Volleyball Championships, Real-time news, minute by minute, point by point, so you don’t really miss anything, The match will start at 10 o’clock.

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