Indoor World Championships, Jacobs makes 6“53 and beats 60m battery

Belgrade (Serbia)Marcel Jacobs He made his debut without much trouble in the 60m heats at the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade. The Olympic 100 and 4×100 relay won his battery with a time of 6.53. The American is already flying Brassie (6.46), While Coleman prints 6.51. Semi-finals at 6.40 pm. straight ahead Elisa de Lazaro. The blue striker beats the turn in 60 hours, and takes third place in his battery with a fairly regular race, completed in 8.16, five hundredths of his best result. Disaster instead for Jamaica Danielle Williamsa seasonal global leader favored by expectations: it hits the second hurdle completely and thus is eliminated at a modest 8.23. Lazarus danish heels Graversgaard puts (8.08) and Dutch Maayke Tjin-A-Lim (8.11). Best Battery Times for French Women Serena Samba Maila (7.91) and for the United States Gabi Cunningham (7.93). The semi-final matches will take place at 6.15pm. The second day of the Heptagon begins at 8.12 in 60 hours per Dario DisterThe national record holder is seventh in this race and is dominated by the Canadian Damian Warner With championship record (7.61). Before the last two hardships (auction and 1000), Cremonese took 10th place with 4,214 points: earned a spot compared to 11th on day one, given the American’s retirement Garrett Scantling.

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