Indoor skydiving, a landmark result for the Blue Girls

A historic landmark for the Italian women’s indoor skydiving team. It’s already there For the first time in the history of our country, a women’s civilian team is taking part in the World Indoor Skydiving Championship. the Indoor Skydiving World Championships It will be contested by From April 19 to 23, 2023 in Slovakia In the wind tunnel of the Tornado Factory in Tatralandia. nearly 250 athletes competing, 5 different majors for the three categories open, female and junior, In particular 4-Way FS (Open, Female and Junior), 4-Way VFS and 4-Way Dynamic (Open and Junior), 2-Way Dynamic (Open and Junior), Solo Freestyle (Open, Junior).

Lucia Fattori: “We are proud”

We are proud to be able to represent Italy at the upcoming World Indoor Skydiving Championships. I hope that our participation will above all inspire the girls and young women of our country. The importance of calling our women’s team to the national team is even more important in terms of gender equality. In fact, women and sports are a culturally important combination: we read about it in the numbers of teams we line up for at the Olympics because they’re so well-balanced between women and men. This is not the case in skydiving, where practice sees instead an important difference in favor of men.”so it expresses itself Lucia Fattori National team in the women’s skydiving specialty RW4. the Fire phoenixwhich became the Fly X women’s national team thanks to the bronze medal won at the Italian Championships held at Flyspotpoland in Katowice in Poland, consisting not only of Lucia Fattori, points role, but also of Antonella Chiarin, outside center, Daniela D’Angelo, tail, Paola Fana, inside center and Giuseppe Cosso, coach.

Approach march

“This is the first time in the history of our country that a women’s civilian team participates in the World Indoor Skydiving Championships. It is an important milestone that our team managed to reach in just a few months. It is necessary to give a signal to the new generations, to let them know that skydiving is in places Indoor is a sport that can be played as early as the age of 4. Every person should be able to fly at least once in their life, as this is a therapeutic and unique experience.” The approach rally of the Women’s National Team passed FS4 last year which allowed qualification for the 2023 World Championships from the ISR Grand Prix 2022 in Holland in Roosendaal, Czech Open 2023 and Handifly Race 2023 from Hurricanefactory in Prague and German. Indoor Skydiving Championships in Monaco.

How to fly indoor skydiving

Vertical wind tunnel, in the English vertical wind tunnel, is a structure with technology capable of developing an airflow capable of recreating the free-fall phase inside. The ability to fly indoors makes this sport very inclusive and includes a large segment of the population. “Training and competing in this sport also allows us to master the flying techniques of the classic outdoor skydiving. These two sports are different but complementary. This global competition will be a very competitive race, but we will give our best.”

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