Indoor restaurants: Will it be a green lane? CTS opinion is expected

Pending the convening of the Scientific Technical Committee and Control Room, the extension of the green corridor to specific activities (such as indoor restaurants) is causing strong controversy. Meanwhile, interest is growing in Europe and infection control measures are tightening.

And while Secretary Speranza — optimistic about the progress of the vaccination campaign (which interest should always remain high) — is reassured that because of the change in color, the hospitalization rate will prevail over other criteria, CTS will soon meet and then find itself in the control room with Prime Minister.

Theme of the meetings overtaking problem From the green lane which, in the current state of the delta variable injury trend, should be adjusted from the beginning of August.

Among the modifications in the base mode is the issuance of the certificate after the completion of the vaccination cycle (and thus after the second dose of all biphasic vaccines has been inoculated).

Another hot topic on the carpet is the expansion of activities/services for which the green lane display should become mandatory.

If the expansion of playgrounds, swimming pools, gyms, concerts and group activities seems obvious (and little contrast), the stumbling block to indoor restaurants is much harder.

Indeed, politics is deeply divided on the question between those who view the extension of the Green Corridor as an unconstitutional compulsion and those who instead see it as an opportunity to continue the vaccination campaign.

In this pursuit of more rigor, Italy is by no means isolated. If in fact United kingdom It stands out because of its opposite direction (from the day in fact across the channel a kind of freedom is run), in the rest of Europe it hits the brakes.

In addition to France Where the green lane (someone whispering for electoral reasons) was extended to transport, bars and restaurants, there was also pressure, for example, in two nightlife capitals such as Barcelona e myconsWith the curfew restored. but also all over Greece Where (until the end of August) only vaccinated people will be able to enter enclosed spaces such as entertainment centers, bars, cinemas and theatres. Not even there Slovenia, which is only open to those with a certificate, has been bypassed.

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Hence, the situation is increasingly generalized, which cannot be surprising given the outbreaks being detected every day that have also affected our country like boys stranded in Malta or Inps colleagues ‘stopped’ in the Emirates because they are positive.

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