Indoor European Chocolate, 15-24 October 2021 in Bastia Umbra (PG)

after holiday 2020, Eurochocolat come back with a Every new look To welcome voracious people in complete safety. L ‘special edition 2021 will actually take place From 15 to 24 October Coming at the exhibition center Omprefer, in Bastia Umbra (Perugia): a choice arising from the need to issue an edition, exceptional in its own way, in full compliance with Security protocols Planned for the exhibition sector.

Thus, for the first time, Eurochocol leaves the historical center of Perugia, which will nevertheless host a series of initiatives of a special character, demonstrating a strong association with the Umbrian capital that turns every year, in October, into a veritable capital of chocolate. The rich program of the next edition was presented in the Hall of Honor of Palazzo Donini in Perugia. Present for the occasion, with the President of the Euroch chocolate Eugenio Guarducci, the President of the Umbrian region Donatella Tessi, the Mayor of Perugia Andrea Romezzi, the Umbra Municipal Councilor Valeria Moretini, and a representative of the Italian Association of Population Down. , Fabrizia Lopilato. To accompany the launch of the 27th edition, Claim It was chosen to capture the attention of thousands of enthusiasts who in 2020 had to abandon the greedy event: the original tin box filled with chocolate and the ironic phrase “Our boxes are full”.

The three pavilions of Umbriafiere, easily accessible thanks to motorway connections, will host several colorful thematic areas featuring an important scenography: the chocolate experience, the chocolate show, and the fun chocolatier. A visit to the museum will bring to life educational and recreational activities, guided tastings, games, workshops, entertainment, and a large chocolate shop. Chocolatevers Who will be able to reach the event in an organized way thanks to the development of the access control service on the basis of tickets, accompanied by delicious gifts. Tickets can be purchased at www.euroch chocolate.com They will also be on site during the event.

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For the full program see www.euroch chocolate.com/perugia2021/comunicato-ufficiale

The main chocolate producers in the European Union

The largest producers of chocolate are Germans: from Eurostat’s research, based on data on chocolate production in 2017, it is clear that out of a total of 4 million tons (excluding chocolate used in industrial production), 1.3 million were produced in the Teutonic country. Italy has an excellent second place, even if it is 0.6 million tons apart. Eurostat also reports that Italian production is growing and that it will continue to do so at least until 2023. The rest of the ranking holds some surprises: a shocking position for Belgium which ranks sixth, better only than Poland and Spain (latest ranking), shortly ahead of the United Kingdom. The lowest podium scores, on a par with each other, go to France and the Netherlands.

+ info: www.euroch chocolate.com

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