Indonesia, bus overturns and falls in a ravine: 27 students killed

The bus that He was carrying children and parents crashed into a valley in Indonesia. The accident on the island of Java killed 27 students and their family members. The Ministry of Transport confirmed the news and the death toll, confirming that the bus driver lost control of the car shortly before the accident. The bus was carrying middle school students and some parents. 39 people on board survived.

Rescuers tried to retrieve the bodies of other victims from under the side of the bus, which overturned on the road. Survivors were taken to a nearby hospital while search and rescue operations ended a few hours later, with the death toll. The cause of the accident was not immediately clear. Even if the ministry immediately announced that the vehicle’s road fitness tests had not been updated. According to further updates, the road is also joining the vehicle’s unstable conditions. The bus hit a 20-meter-high valley after the driver lost control of the vehicle due to strong winds. The car was returning to Subang from the Tasikmalaya pilgrimage site in the province.

Thirteen critically injured patients have been treated in hospital and are now not in danger of their lives. Several teenagers died in the accident. In 2019, a similar accident caused many deaths at a very young age: 12 boys died When a bus falls into an 80-meter-long valley, then collides with a river, the currents of which are strong and fast, capable of dragging the corpses of helpless children. That was a real disaster for Indonesia, which had to contend with a new massacre of children.

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