Independent video games are shown in Italy

It’s not often that you find excellence in Italian indie games under one roof. However, Intel succeeded in the enterprise by bringing together journalists and several development studios (both consolidated and emerging) of the Italian scene to allow us to tell us what they are working on. Prior to their introduction, however, Intel outlined two new technologies in the pipeline: “We’re working on software, If your computer cannot play a game, search the network for another connected device capable of playing it and broadcast the gameplay to your computer. Kind of a hybrid between cloud gaming and performance. Regarding the chips shortage, we doubled the production capacity of existing plants and opened a foundry service to make other people’s chips. In addition, we have accelerated the procurement of raw materials.”

Tennis League VR from another reality

Video games in Italy: Intel supports emerging studios at Join the Indie 2022

it’s a Virtual Reality Tennis Video Game It is meant to be a simulator. Suitable for both beginners and professionals Tennis League VR is designed to give back to those who play tennis as a hobby or semi-professional “something they can live at home”. The game was created in collaboration with tennis coaches and professional sportsmen to recreate in virtual reality almost all the sensations you feel in the field. Posted on Sidequest – where demos of Meta Quest scenes are tested, goes well with 46K users total of which 5000 are active users. An interesting distinguishing feature is that (also in mathematical optics) Multiplayer supports spectators on the sidelines Enjoy the game in virtual reality. Tennis League VR releases this fall.

Project Galileo – Giama Games

Video games in Italy: Intel supports emerging studios at Join the Indie 2022

We told you here far and wide, but it was nice to see one of the most interesting projects on the Italian scene presenting itself to the public. On July 5th, there will be the first in-game images of this game And for the lucky ones who will participate in the Tokyo Game Show, there will also be the first building to play with.

Tempera – Majestic Spirits from Moonwolf Entertainment

There are many card games, but I assure you that As enjoyable as Temperia there are very few. Here, the cards are played face up in a 3×3 grid, a last minute spin and each player can play one card per turn. Developed in collaboration with Broadcasting Device, Moonryde comes out on June 20 and is now Just the first step for the entire combo planet. There are books being written and each card is a window into the traditions of the world of tempera, born thanks years of experience By the author with a master’s degree in DnD. It will be released first on PC and then on mobile worldwide thanks to the publisher Leonardo Intercative.

Nacon studio Milan

Rims Racing has stunned the world of two-wheeled car enthusiasts So much so that many called it the Assetto Corsa Motorcycle. Its developers have digitally recreated more than 500 ultra-realistic components and accessories to create a 100% simulator. Recorded audio on the track and official licenses from all the performance brands in the sector have made Rims Racing the cornerstone of two-wheeled simulation. Now the studio is working A new title associated with a very popular movie IP address And we can’t wait to see what he can put on the right track.

Batura has lost her sanctuary by Stormind Games

Video games in Italy: Intel supports emerging studios at Join the Indie 2022

“Extreme Stories” authors like the Remothered series are ready to release their new headline: Batur lost her sanctuary. In this multi-branched story, a 16-year-old girl receives the powers of the Sun and Moon and takes charge of Find out the cause of a ferocious disaster on Earth. To do this, he will have to explore 4 distant planets and make choices that will greatly affect the end of the game. Fighting style is a Mixed between twin stick shooter and hack and slash Thanks to the dual powers obtained by the protagonist. Accordingly, the narrative options graph is affected with a Profile as Conqueror (the end justifies the means) and one as a defender (Agent of public interest) to choose from. Thus, the narrative choices “will always be gray, and there will be no good or bad path.” Switching from one mode to another is the heart of the game loop with enemies (especially bosses) which will force the player to be very creative in his choices.

Assetto Corsa 2 is in development in Kunos Simulations

Officially, Kunos Simulations is working on Assetto Corsa 2. And it will be a long-term project because the goal is to create an ever-evolving platform, so there will never be an Assetto Corsa 3. The team has abandoned the Unreal Engine, a powerful but limited engine, because it does something completely new. It needs its architecture, routines and Fully customizable system.

Redout 2 by 34BigThings

Do you miss Wipeout? 34BigThings has a great game in store for you. Inspired by A futuristic racing classic and the only title of this genre that seriously tries, Redout 2 is coming out June 16 on Steam and all consoles and wants it to be the new standard for spaceship racing. Compared to the previous chapter, a New driving system, new AI assist control, multiplayer mode With a tidy ladder and many ways to customize your spaceship. The icing on the cake is the electronic music soundtrack that reigns supreme thanks to the pieces of Zardonic and even maestro Giorgio Moroder.

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