Incredible value coins, there is the ranking: it always wins

Collectors from all over the world compete for the most expensive lira ever produced.

10 Read Pegaso
10 – Reading Pegaso (Adobe)

In recent years, as we have often done TellThe collecting world has brought itself more and more fans. Women and men who get close to what many think is art, with will and passion that pushes in every direction. Find things that have been collected, evaluated, bought and cataloged, feeling that only those who have been taken by the whirlpool, through the aforementioned desire, can understand.

Among the pieces Articles, which, for example, an excellent collector certainly could not miss, be it banknotes or coins, there is undoubtedly the old lira. Examples of some real cases treasures Hidden who knows where. Incredibly high ratings for pieces that many would never have imagined could have some kind of value. Instead, the speech was complete Different. As for the lira, we can even arrange some sort of arrangement of the most valuable pieces, so to speak.

10 Lira Pegaso, a little treasure hidden in the past decades

Among the rare and precious coins among the ancient lira coins, we certainly find 50 liras called the Vulcano, minted in 1956, depicts a volcano. Looking at the state of conservation, we can consider the value of this coin which fluctuates between 20 And the maximum is 120 euros, if we are talking about a sample in perfect condition. Then there is the so-called orange lira, dated 1947, with an orange sprig on one side and a woman in her hair on the other. The value in excellent condition is about 1500 euros.

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A precious piece, perhaps the most Values Of all that it definitely represents 10 liras Quiet Between 1946 and 1950. On one side we have the winged horse Pegasus, and on the other an olive branch with various descriptive inscriptions. In this specific case, we are talking about very high ratings of typical In perfect condition. Valuations touching 3000 euros.

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Brief a trip Among the coins worthy of panoramic attention is the ancient lira. Really ratings unbelievable, in some ways unimaginably realistic. At the heart of it all is the passion and desire to own some very precious specimens by collectors from all over the world. old or old pound, is synonymous with charm, refinement and sheer value.

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