Increases 700 euros for this category of workers

Some workers will find a salary increase of 700 euros. Not a small amount and able to make a difference. the reason.

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Great news for one person employee category That they will find themselves more inflated salaries in the short term. The amount that will certainly help cope High living expenses prevalent during this period. Many Italian families find themselves having to deal with increasingly high prices for weekly shopping and more.

For a year now, the cost of electricity and gas has skyrocketed, in the aftermath of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, diesel and petrol show no signs of going down, and even the prices of basic necessities have seen a significant increase.

Those most affected by the rising cost of living are, of course Low-income familieswho are increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

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It is clear, therefore, that Salary increase It can be of great help to the household of many people, and some of them will enjoy it quite well 700 euros more. However, the amount is only intended for a very specific group of workers. Let’s see what it is.

An additional €700 in salary: who gets that big raise?

there will be Atta character To get a higher salary, early this month. These are the people who work in administrative, technical and assistance functions within the school.

Essential workers in this sector, often underestimated but perform an essential function, allowing education to function in our country. Employees have been waiting for the employment contract review for some time and it has finally arrived, even if some aspects have not been met by the government.

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This is precisely an increase due to regeneration I signed a collective agreement on December 6thwhich also provides for the receipt of arrears relating to 2021-2022 that had been expected for months.

However, some orders were not accepted, and Ata employees consider themselves satisfied with this agreement on average. In fact, it’s a lump sum that seems high because it also includes arrears relating specifically to past years.

The salary, in fact, will have a more modest increase than expected. This is just over 50 euros per month for employees with more than 10 years of service.

How Much ATA Employees Will Get: The Numbers

With the new contract, ATA employees will get An increase of less than 100 euros per month. It is 48 euros for primary school staff and 53 euros for first and second year teachers.

Instead of that two years arrearsKindergarten staff will receive a minimum of €1,569 in salary packages, while Level I and Secondary School staff will receive €1,780, which will increase according to years of work completed. A well deserved increase, but considered by many to be insufficient in relation to the cost of living.

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