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infinite aura It will get another balance update Rewards regarding Daily matches, which is increasing exponentially in order to improve the progression of the Battle Pass, a topic that has always been discussed a lot in these first weeks of free multiplayer, so let’s see How many XP points for every game.

slow progress in Battle Pass One of the controversies has been going on for two weeks, that is, since the sudden launch of the free multiplayer section of Halo Infinite itself, and 343 Industries is trying to remedy the situation with new reward scales, in order to allow players to better progress between the levels expected in the first season, also emerged from the changes The first conducted in recent days.

So John Juniske explained some of the changes that were implemented in these hours to change the situation a little bit, which is the increase in rewards in terms of XP points for The first 6 matches of each dayThis is according to the following scheme:

  • First match = 300XP
  • Second game = 200XP
  • The third game = 200XP
  • Fourth game = 100XP
  • Fifth game = 100XP
  • Sixth match = 100XP
  • Seventh + game = 50XP

The first match of each day will guarantee 300 points, the second and third 200 points each and then 100 XP until the sixth.

From the daily match week onwards, the participation bonus will simply return (regardless of win or defeat) to 50 XP. All this based on the update that should be published in next hours, awaiting more details.

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explained the Community Manager at 343 Industries, who explained how Updates will continue: “We know that many of you want more changes too and we are committed to that, but it will take some time. We have made this update based on the data and feedback collected and will monitor the impact of these changes after the release planned for tomorrow morning. As always, keep going. Share your comments!”

Also, yesterday we learned when game reviews will arrive, awaiting the release of the full version with a single player campaign set forDecember 8, 2021.

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