Income tax return 2022 deadline today: Who should file it?

Today, November 30, the tax return filing deadline for 2022 ends. Let’s see together who is required to do it and what the consequences are for those who fail to meet the deadline or those who make major mistakes or omissions.

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The 2022 income tax return has expired: During the day November 30th It is possible to provide all necessary documents.

Anyone obligated to do so but who does not comply risks huge losses sanctions which is activated in case Do not show From the document, whether they came deleted Important data or income information.

See all the details in the following article.

Income tax return: Today is the last deadline

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today November 30th It’s the last day to follow up on sending Income tax return 2022. The deadline is affected by both businesses and the freelancers who use Pf Income Formboth employees and retirees who use Model 730.

In fact, by today:

  • VAT figures must send the Income Revenue Form to the Revenue Agency;
  • Those who have submitted a pre-compiled Form 730 can submit any corrections (through the so-called Model 730 Integral);
  • Those who do not submit a Form 730 by the September 30, 2022 deadline may regularize their status by submitting Pf Income Form.

The income model for individualswe remind you, can be sent via November 30th (corrective within conditions), or within the deadline set for submission of the 2023 Personal Income Form for the following year (Supplementary Declaration), or again within December 31st From the fifth year following the year in which the declaration was submitted (Supplementary Declaration – Article 2 Paragraph 8 of Presidential Decree 322 of 1998).

Income tax return not submitted: what happens?

2800 Revenue Agency

What happens if you do not meet the deadline? The tax return is defined deleted:

  • if it was Tax evasion exceeds the 50,000 euros;
  • If it is not submitted Within 90 days of expiration.

If the tax return is omitted, significant costs are incurred Penalties Administrative and criminal.

there Administrative fine Starting from a minimum of 120% to a maximum of 240% of the amount of taxes owed (with a minimum tax due of €250). If there are no taxes due, a penalty is included Between 250 and 1000 euroswhich can be doubled with regard to subjects obligated to keep accounting records.

there Punishment criminal, on the other hand, it is triggered if the unpaid withholding taxes exceed 50,000 euros. In fact, he introduced the tax decree of 2020 Prison:

  • from a minimum of one year and six months to a maximum of four years for those who evade income taxes and do not submit proportional returns of tax evaders exceeding €50,000;
  • From a minimum of one year and six months to a maximum of four years for those who do not provide a tax withholding agent permit, always when the amount evaded exceeds €50,000.

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