Incognito Mode in WhatsApp, Here’s How to Hide ‘Online’ Status

Whatsapp is increasingly undercover. After many users asked to hide their ‘Online’ status, the world’s most popular messaging app is working on a new feature that allows users to be ‘invisible’ even while writing a message or recording an audio. An extension of privacy, therefore, which adds to the possibility to hide the date and time of the last access to all contacts, only some or none.

In the same way, the “online” voice will also be adapted to this criterion: you can then specify who can see when we are online thanks to the “Who can see when I am online” window, with the “Everyone” and “Like” options. Last seen”. You can then decide to show your online status to “Everyone” or activate the “How can I see my last login” option. In the latter case, for maximum privacy, just choose the most restrictive setting “without”.

The feature is currently in beta and will be released with an update soon, initially only on iOS, but a similar feature will also be offered in beta for Android and desktop.

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