Incentives to buy a car are coming: here is the surprising news

The scope of operation of the Environmental Bonus extends and will also include used vehicles. 350 million euros will be earmarked to support the new incentives that are expected to arrive soon.


The Sostegni Bis decree introduced an interesting novelty that should become official soon. It will cover the automatic bonus too used cars It is not polluted and 50 million euros will be allocated to it. In total, 350 million euros will be reached to help Italians replace an old car with a new one that fits the characteristics of the environmental bonus.


We know more about the new incentives

The Environmental Bonus Expansion provides a specific customization for the purchase of used cars. We are talking about a variable amount incentive Between 2500 and 4500 euros. The reward will be recognized only by proceeding with the scrapping of used vehicles and the amount will be calculated based on the emissions of the vehicle.

The incentive will be 4,500 euros for used cars from 0-60 g / km; From 3 thousand euros For a used vehicle from 61 to 90 g/km and 2,500 euros for a used vehicle from 91 to 160 g/km.

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How will 350 million euros of the automatic bonus be divided?


The total allocation is 350 million euros It will be restarted Depending on the type of vehicle purchased. As already mentioned, 50 million will be allocated to the purchase of non-polluting used vehicles. An additional 50 million has been allocated to electric cars and plug-in hybrids from 0-60 g/km (grams of CO2 per kilometre). Instead, 200 million euros will be allocated to the purchase of cars from 61 to 135 g / km, including the more traditional Euro 6 models. So the last 50 million will be used for commercial vehicles With reduced emissions.

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At the moment, the news has not been officially announced but Chamber approval is expected soon. The date on which the change law is expected to appear is 25 July 2021.

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6 euros, the real novelty of the incentive

money to buy Used cars Euro 6 They are the true novelty of motivation. The goal is also to allow the segment of the population that cannot afford to buy a new car the ability to re-enter the environmental bonus. Getting the privileges to buy a car that is less polluting will be the impetus for the big step that will benefit the environment tremendously.

Motivation can not be exceeded 40% of the cost Purchase and scrapping must relate to a vehicle of at least 10 years.

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