In which foods is magnesium found? The long list of those who give us health and well-being

In summer, our body needs many substances to cope with the heat. So here are the foods that contain magnesium.

a Diet Is characterized by Variety of foods he is to greet during the whole year. However, in the summer, There are some foods to put in the shopping cart.

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This is because, because of the heatIt is very likely that we will enter Magnesium deficiency. Impotence that can also appear on other occasions, such as a stress period. but also after a long physical exertion. So let’s go understand How to renew this precious material throughpower supply.

there Fortunately, the Mediterranean diet is able to provide us with everything we need to maintain our health. Of course, when needed, we can resort to supplements. But sometimes there are preservatives or other ingredients in these products that may not be healthy. And anyway Supplements are taken for short periods of time.

What happens if we don’t get enough magnesium

First of all Remember that magnesium it’s metal Very important for the functioning of the body. Especially with regard to Nervous system. Magnesium is also necessary for Correction of muscle and bone growthenhances heart It also works in fat metabolism.

With a balanced diet we can From 300 to 400 mg. of magnesium daily, which is the standard recommended amount for adults. Of course, depending on the physical condition of each person, Ideal intake may vary. In this sense, we always recommend Contact your doctor to take the right actions.

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If our body is not getting enough magnesium, we immediately understand from some of the symptoms. Generally We feel more tired and “lazy”Furthermore it leg cramps It is a “classic” sign of the loss of this mineral. In “more serious” situations can arise Trouble concentrating, abdominal pain, insomnia A feeling of “mental confusion”.

backwards, If the intake of magnesium is excessivecan express themselves Kidney problems. Therefore, those who have problems with this organ should contact the attending physician.

In which foods is magnesium found? Foods to put in your summer cart

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, fortunately our Mediterranean diet offers us many foods rich in magnesium. With the addition of some “foreign” delicacies we can complete the circle.

First of all The precious mineral is found in grains and legumes, especially peas and beans. Given that with cooking we lose the substance, the advice is to take magnesium with i Whole grain breakfast cereals Or products based on whole wheat flour. All the green leafy vegetablesMoreover, they are a known source of this mineral. At first, then the salads with spinach and chard, and the sweet tooth has a nice part of artichoke.

In the “fish” section of the supermarket, to find magnesium we buy blue fish And we’ll be on the safe side. The metal is also found in swordfishIn the oysters and in slugs.

Go to fruit sectionlet’s say right away that there Wide choice between fresh and dry. The banana They are most well known for the presence of magnesium. but also Apricot and fig They give up a lot. Consume dried fruit How Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Almondsjoin it Pumpkin and sesame seedsIt turned out to be an excellent habit. Because snacks are full of satiety and contain Other vitamins and essential fats are very good for us.

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Finally, eat a good amount of magnesium We can also indulge in a “whim”. Why bitter cocoa It is rich in it. So if we buy dark chocolate We know it’s good for the body, so we won’t feel “guilty” anymore.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies published in medical journals. Therefore, it is not a substitute for consulting a physician or specialist, nor should it be taken into account when formulating treatments or diagnoses)

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