In Uganda, 48 Ebola deaths: Testing of new vaccine begins in two weeks

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Cornelia Tuelges
October 3, 2022

This morning, after a meeting organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), Africa Division, Ugandan Ministry of Health delegate, Henry Kyube Bossa, said that cases of Ebola virus of the Sudan strain are still increasing. Confirmed cases rose to 131, and the number of deaths recorded since the beginning of the epidemic, which broke out last September, reached 48.

Uganda: Ebola epidemic in Sudan

We take all measures dictated by protocol To prevent the spread of the virus, such as contact monitoring, risk communication, appropriate treatments and burials to control outbreaks. At the moment, no one can predict when the epidemic will end,” said a senior health ministry official.

On October 16, the Kampala authorities ordered the closure 3 weeks in Mubindi and Kasanda districts, the areas most affected by the serious illness, even if the President, Yoweri Museveni, initially opposes the application of this measure.

bars, nightclubs, houses of worship, markets, Entertainment spaces are closed. Traffic restrictions to and from the two areas have also been imposed.

Museveni with his usual authoritarian tone He addressed the nation on television on October 16: “If you are in Mubindi and Kasanda districts, stay there for 21 days. Freight trucks will be able to enter and exit the two areas, but all other transportation remains suspended. These are temporary measures to control the spread of Ebola. Must That we all cooperate with the authorities to put an end to this epidemic as soon as possible.”

Ugandan Health Minister Margaret Muhanga It announced last Wednesday that it would begin testing three vaccines (Oxford, produced in the United Kingdom, while two others by Sabine and Merck in the United States), developed to combat Ebola in Sudan.

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The minister explainedInitially, we plan to vaccinate contacts with 150 confirmed cases (3,000). Preparation has been completed and we estimate we can start the trial in two weeks.”

Then Mrs. Muhanga . added: “The vaccine is necessary because there is no cure for this strain of the virus.”

Sudan Ebola virus strain

Vaccines and Therapeutics Test Plans It appears to be similar to the strategies used against Ebola in Zaire in West Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ebola viruses are part of the family Filoviridae and the genus Ebolavirusincluding 5 strains: Bundibugyo Ebola virus, Reston Ebola virus, Ebola Sudan virus, Tai Forest Ebola virus (which replaces the previous name Ivory Coast) and Zaire Ebola virus.

Who is the He explained Seven previous Ebola outbreaks have been identified in Sudan, four in Uganda and three in Sudan. In Uganda, the last Ebola outbreak in Sudan dates back to 2012, while the Zaire Ebola outbreak is in 2019.

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