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In Udine, American International High School

Udine has been enriched with a new educational offer at the secondary school level: the new Scientific High School has been introduced, which the Udine International School will open starting from the next academic year and which will be the second in Italy of Ies (International Education Systems). , having been activated in Trieste in 2006. The new high school will complete the course of study proposed by the International School of the Friulian capital which, starting from the age of two, leads students to a final examination that passes early in the childhood center (2-5 years) and school Elementary and middle school until the new high school. A path included in the IES system that sees interconnected schools that offer the possibility of student exchange in Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Hungary, USA, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile, South Africa.


“Udine International School – explained President Andy Ridgway while introducing the new high school to the press – has been educating students in this wonderful city since 2003. So far, the educational offering is aimed at children from two years old to 14 years old. We are now pleased to introduce the new high school program Who will guide the students to the university.Although this offer represents a new adventure for our school, we are associated with Trieste International School which has been successfully issuing matriculation certificates since 2006 and the contribution of the International School of Trieste was crucial to the opening of our secondary school also in Udine.
Our students will – continue Ridgway – obtain a high school diploma recognized by the Italian Ministry which gives access to any university in Italy and abroad. This is a five-year program at the end of which students will be required to write a research thesis in an area of ​​their choice. There will also be a reduced 4-year program for those studying in countries that only require a 4-year diploma.”

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According to the Dean’s reminder, in the Scientific High School of the Order International School, the compulsory subjects will be Mathematics, Science, English, Italian, History, Geography and a modern foreign language. There will then be the possibility to choose between other subjects such as Mandarin Chinese, Psychology, Business Economics, Physical Education, and Arts. In addition, specialized short courses are planned that will prepare students for a rapidly changing world. In addition, other topics such as planning and entrepreneurship will be introduced “Therefore – concluded Ridgway – our students are adequately prepared for this ever-evolving world, which they will be able to do also thanks to the other great opportunity offered by the IES system, i.e. exchanges with other schools in our group around the world. In particular, we will be able to Organizing cultural exchanges with institutes in South Africa, the United States and Great Britain, to name a few.”


For her part, Professor Daniela Marchio, Coordinator of the Italian Department, noted that Udine International School has been waiting for years for the possibility of opening the secondary school. “I must say – she said – that I am very excited to have been studying at this school for twenty years and I think it is a great opportunity for our city to be able to give young people the opportunity to complete an IES studies course here in Udine. It is, in fact – he explained – a scientific high school of All respects, entirely in English with the possibility to choose different titles that will allow the children to deepen those disciplines that attract them most.Although the course is in English, I want to emphasize that the program is a ministerial program and that the Italian language is an essential subject and will not be neglected on Launch.At the end of the fifth year, in fact, students will undergo an external examination at a public secondary school to verify their knowledge of the Italian language, after which they will receive a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education which will allow access to all Italian and foreign universities.It will not be the classical maturity exam – as Professor Marichio explained – but rather an internal exam in relation to the subjects of study, and only for Italian an external test for the diploma. State, that is, access to any university faculty, I repeat: Italian or foreign, without the need to undergo further examinations and above all fears much maturity. ”

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