In Trump’s case, Republicans accuse George Soros of being “funded by a lawyer.” TRUE? Here’s how it went

“It was George Soros!” In the hours immediately following Donald Trump’s indictment, the GOP general staff kind of kicked in dirty storm on Twitter claiming that the Attorney General Alvin Bragg who signed the contract is a pawn in the hands of the Hungarian-born American financier. Ted Cruz attacked him, claiming that “the Manhattan attorney general, with Soros’ backing, is now striking down the law to target a political opponent.” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that his state would not cooperate with the extradition request “in light of the questionable circumstances of the Soros-backed Manhattan lawyer and his political agenda.” Trump’s son Eric could not be missing out: “This is what you get by giving a crooked politician a million dollars. Alvin Bragg is a Soros puppet.” Throughout the evening, Republican accounts made more or less the same accusations: The attorney general who accused Trump would have done so at the behest of Soros, who was his main financier.

Fact check news in the New York Times

Some of what Republicans say is true. He endorsed it in the last days The New York Times In one of his fact-checking reports. In fact, Prague’s 2021 election campaign was supported by a progressive group, Color of Change, which funded progressive and reformist prosecutors. Bragg Color of Change had promised a $1 million contribution to defray some of the publicity costs of his campaign. After committing to Bragg Color of Change, he received a $1 million donation from Soros. Color of Change also supported the election campaigns of other attorneys general and, to tell the truth, did not fully fulfill its commitment, and in his case he spent half of what he had been promised: $500,000, which was 11% of the amount Prigg spent on his election. Campaign ($ 4.6 million, according to Open Secrets, the author’s website on financing American politics).

change color

So the link, albeit indirect, between Brig and Soros is there. Spokesman change color However, L. explained The New York Times that “the group screens and interviews reformist circuit attorney candidates each election cycle, and that the process is independent of funders.” Soros was just one of many large donors to the group. Previous donors include members of the wealthy Pritzker family, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, and a group Hip-Hop Beastie Boys The newspaper also heard from Soros’ spokesperson, Michael Vachon, who explained: “George Soros and Alvin Bragg have never met in person and have never spoken by phone, email, Zoom, etc. And there was no connection between the two.” Soros himself claimed publicly last year on Wall Street Journal His financial support for correctional prosecutors willing to transform the judiciary. The article concluded: “I supported the election (and more recently the re-election) of public prosecutors who support reform. I did it transparently and I’m not going to stop.”

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