In these cases, you can request a refund of the vehicle tax already paid in accordance with the updated laws of 2023

the car tax It is a tax payable to individual territorial administrations and requires the adoption of specific measures. The state only provides general guidelines. In 2023, the vehicle tax must be paid annually and is valid for 12 months. Generally, payment must be made within the month following the month of registration. There are cases when a refund of already paid vehicle tax can be requested in accordance with the updated laws of 2023.

the Pay the car tax Mandatory for anyone who owns a motor vehicle, whether it is a car or a motorcycle. This tax is only due for possession of the vehicle. Payment must be made once a year and payment must be made on the last day of the month following the month of registration. Let’s see if:

  • Car tax 2023: When is the expected refund date?

  • How does the 2023 car tax refund work?

Car tax 2023: When is the expected refund date?

In some Italian regions, specifically Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Autonomous Province of Trento and Autonomous Province of BolzanoIt is possible to request a vehicle tax refund. In all other regions, only the vehicle tax is refunded If the vehicle is cancelled before the start of the tax period.

Recovery car tax An exception to the general rule, as the tax cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another. In these areas, a road tax refund can still be requested only if the scrapping is recorded in the Public Vehicle Register.

The refund is usually calculated on the basis of the months unused: for example, if the annual road tax is paid and the car is scrapped after four months, the refund will be equal to eight parts of the amount paid.

How does the 2023 car tax refund work?

In the Piemonte region, a car tax refund for scrapping can only be requested if the period in which the car owner has not used it is at least a quarter. In practice, the applicant must wait at least four months from the date of the demolition before he can request a fee refund.

sLombardy region It is allowed to pay the car tax for the unused period after scrapping the car. In this case, the refundable amount, calculated in twelve, starts from the month in which the event occurs until the month of expiration. However, no refund is expected if the event occurred in the last month of validity.

In the Autonomous Province of TrentoA vehicle tax refund for scrapping can be requested by submitting an application on unstamped paper at the local branch of the Italian Automobile Club.

In the VenetoThe conditions for applying for a scrapping car tax refund are similar to those we saw earlier.

After recovery, the Pay the car tax This can be done in Aci delegations, car practice agencies, most credit institutions, post offices through the Internet Banking service, in Banca ITB tobacconists, directly connected to the regional role and those who adhere to Lottomatica mogul By filling in the appropriate forms for cars and mixed-use vehicles subject to full tax payment, for recipients of a particular tax treatment (such as taxis) and for all other vehicles, such as buses, trucks, trailers and scooters.

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