In these beautiful Italian villages, a holiday home costs you like a small car

Why not take advantage of the holidays to buy our house? The question is asked by many, and the reason is simple: it is worthwhile. Many of the most beautiful places in Europe (and Italy, it must be said) are also among the cheapest places to buy a home.

And then we can all decide to kill two birds with one stone, take vacations to wonderful (and very cheap) places and there really take a look at the properties for sale, because they are also cheap. But where do we start? What villages in Italy can you buy a house very cheaply?

In first and second place List made by VirgilThere is Musso, not far from Biella. In second place we find Pontecorvo (in the province of Frosinone). These are the first two places to look because they are, by far, the Italian municipalities where homes are the cheapest.

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In third place instead? Well, we’re back in Biella County, in Saliano Mica. In fourth place you go to Sicily, with Grammichele (province of Catania) and finally – in fifth place in the ranking – there is Salice Salentino, in the province of Lecce.

In short, it is clear that these five are the ones to begin with for our research: they are the cheapest in our country, but there are many other places where real estate costs very little, and where, and why not, we can spend our holidays. A no-brainer, as we really take the risk of making the deal of a lifetime.

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