In the US, social audiences grew by 16% in 2021, while published content remained flat. comScore search “State of Social Media”

The Social media audience has grown in huge numbers in 2021 In the United States, however, the amount of published content has remained constant. At least that’s what new research is doing comscore. The biggest growth was in influencer followers, with an increase of 27% on Facebook and 21% on Instagram. In real numbers, I Data shows 146 billion followers in 2021up 16% from 126 billion in 2020.

The research, published this month, provides a broad assessment of the state of social media and how it interacts with media brands and marketers, mapping growth across many industries. For example, is The study found that publishers have the largest share of the vote on social mediainside A collection of eight categories, including media and entertainment, sports and entertainment, retail, consumer goods, automobiles, travel, entertainment and finance. post it One audio post 35%, Then comes media and entertainment at 29%. On the contrary, travel, free time and money have been reduced to a minimum, by one audio post 1% or less.

These two categories are driving the growth of social media during Publishing, media and entertainment are seeing a drop in attendance. Funding increased 21% in content creation across platforms and 108% in total activity across all platforms In 2021, including reactions, comments, posts and retweets e Such as. Travel and entertainment also increased by 9% in content creation, although it decreased in total actions across platforms.

On their part, however, the Publishing, media and entertainment have all fallen into content creation Both in cross-platform activities. The first, in particular, saw a 4% drop in content creation and 22% in activities (look above) across all platforms, while media and entertainment decreased by 9% and 13%, respectively.

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The Best Social Media Brands Featured in the ranking, ordered by total activities across platforms, were Dominated by sports and entertainmentwith a little politics in between:

  • shadow room
  • NBA
  • Ovarian Report
  • house highlights
  • NFL and ESPN
  • compound
  • WWE
  • And the! News
  • Fox News
  • MLB

Single Two historical magazine brands are in the Top 25: National Geographic (in twelfth place) H the people to the twenty-third.

The Comscore report also includes i Top 25 Advertisers in Branded content Which Top 25 content publishers On both Facebook and Instagram. For Facebook, leaders among advertisers, in the top five, matter GEICO, Gatorade, Invisalign, Blue Buffalo, Puma. On the other hand, publishing leaders appear in the top five pet site The Dodo, Golden State Warriors, NBA, MLB, and San Antonio Spurs.

Finally, there was among the fastest growing media brands Coindesk, VentureBeat, Motorsport Network, NTVB Media, Action, Game Informer, SNY, Fandom, Ebony, Apple TV. A strong presence of crypto assets and engines, which is not surprising when you look at the Super Bowl commercials from two weeks ago.

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