In the UK, there is also a shortage of clowns: the allure of the circus

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Oct 01 2021 08:51

shortage, scarcity, lack truck drivers NS warehouse workers, with a lot of influence panic in gasoline pumps. The UK is now facing shortages in another category, this time not essential in the merchandise supply chain, but certainly essential in the entertainment sector. In fact, circuses in the country have complained of difficulties in finding clowns willing to perform.

As I mentioned before BBCThe Covid-19 pandemic has caused a shortage of artists, with many of them returning to their countries of origin once the London government ordered a first lockdown in early 2020. If he had left the European Union he would have discovered that it is dependent on foreign labor in many sectors, perhaps also in the entertainment. In addition to social distancing measures, another factor now hindering the search for staff by the circus – which has now been operating in the UK for months – is in fact the complicated bargaining of clowns and other artists from the EU.

“Until last week we weren’t even able to get visas for artists and artists who come from EU countries,” he told the BBC. David DavyDuffy Circus owner. A circus company operating mainly in Northern Ireland has appealed to those who find themselves out of work to participate in clowns. But the job is not for everyone.

To become a clown, Duffy explained, is to be “really able to adapt” to unexpected situations. The entrepreneur added: “When you enter the circus arena and you are in front of 700-800 people looking at you, no matter what your mood is, you have to light this path.” “You have to be able to read your audience, within two minutes you have to establish a relationship with them, interact with them and ‘feed them’.” To entice aspiring clowns to apply, Duffy said they will only be required to perform a short sketch during online auditions held by the circus owner.

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