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In the UK, some supermarkets will sell drought-affected fruits and vegetables

Two UK supermarket chains will sell fruits and vegetables that have been affected by drought and bad weather.

Two supermarket chains from United kingdom ready to fill their shelves with fruit And the vegetables damaged by vice drought Or from the indignation of bad weather, in an initiative aimed at supporting local farmers and, at the same time, combating food waste. Which fruit has been damaged by lack of water or adverse weather conditions, to be fair, is a particularly sensitive issue in this year’s context: consideration of cutting many crops, ranging from pears to honey, is a move proposed by Lidl GB and Waitrose – the supermarket chains involved. – Represents an important shot in the arm of the operators in the primary sector.


In this regard, it is interesting to mention a study by the University of Edinburgh in 2018 that estimated that a third of fruits and vegetables across Europe never reach supermarket shelves because they do not meet appearance standards, thus amounting to more than 50 million tons. of food waste every year – a luxury we can no longer afford under current climatic conditions.

Indeed, much of the UK is being crushed in the grip of drought: government authorities have officially declared a water emergency, forcing water companies to reduce their use of water to protect reserves, while the source The Times It dries completely.

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