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In the UK, some dealerships are having trouble

Gloucester Police It has the largest electric fleet in United kingdom, with the 21% of electric cars. Chris NelsonPolice Commissioner and Crimes Gloucesterclaim it Agents who drive electric cars They had a hard time finding it charger in the province.

He said the vehicles they used LightsThe radio and the Siren thought”Running out of autonomyMr. Nelson admitted that some agents, especially More rural areasThey had trouble locating charging stations.

Speaking to the recent Police and Crime Commission, the PCC He said he was worried aboutOperational effect That electric cars were on the military.

A problem not to be underestimated

Labor advisor. Steve RobinsonMr. Nelson has been asked if he supports the use of electric cars.

He said he did Supporting the use of electric carsEspecially within the police, but they admitted that they were not without problems. For this you will have to work a lot in the future, if you want to keep an extensioninvestment and attention from both law enforcement and citizens.

he added: “We all have to move towards electric cars. We have the largest fleet by size, which is what brought its problems. The design options available for electric vehicles for operational use may not be as advanced as I would like them to be. So, let’s put it this way, I’m wary of going down this path at this point.”

sentence make reflectAre we ready to move into this new age of electricity?

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