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In the UK, Labor favors new anti-Covid restrictions

The Covid situation in Europe is getting more complicated and England must also try to cope with the surge in infections.
The British Labor Party supports the immediate introduction of new restrictive measures to deal with the wave of infection from Covid.
This was made clear by Rachel Reeves, the Labor opposition’s shadow Treasury Secretary, saying that any so-called “Plan B” could not ignore the key elements of “Plan A”, namely the continuation of the vaccination campaign.
Reeves told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that Labor is a “responsible opposition” and intends to follow the advice of the scientific community and the Sage (Scientific Technical Committee) calling for the introduction of a duty to wear masks on public transport and in shops and a return to the “flexibility” of working from home .

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“I think the first thing the government should do is activate Plan A. I think we should follow the science. If scientists tell us to work from home and wear masks, we should,” Reeves said, while the government has so far denied the need to resort to restrictive measures. new to cope with the growing wave of injuries.

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