In the middle of the Christmas period, a competition to reward the value of employees

Small gestures of kindness have the power to change the world and can really make a difference, both in the workplace and in society. With this awareness, Amazon has created a campaign that aims to celebrate the stories of its employees who show us with their creativity, dedication, and commitment how an individual’s actions, even their simple actions, can have positive effects on others.

growing company

Amazon It is a company that is on the rise, and it can be seen even just by looking at the Italian panorama.
Since 2010, the year it arrived in Italy, the company has created more than 12,500 new permanent jobs, in more than 50 locations across the country.
For example, during 2021, the distribution centers in Novara and Cividate Al Piano (BG), as well as the new sorting center located in Spilamberto (Modena), began their activities.

From the analysis of the financial statements of large private companies located in Italy, in fact, it turns out that Amazon is the company that, in the past ten years, has created the most jobs in absolute terms; The growth rate recorded between 2011 and 2020 was 28 times higher than the average for large Italian companies. An excellent result is supported by the new study by The European House – Ambrosetti.

Furthermore, the company has always been committed to ensuring that its employees can live their work in peace, providing them with a modern and safe work environment, with opportunities for professional growth, and competitive rewards and benefits.

Appreciate small and big positive gestures

And to appreciate the contribution that everyone can make, the campaign was organized again this year Amazon stars.
An initiative that aims to highlight employees who have had a positive impact on work and society. A great opportunity to emphasize and enhance all of those gestures – which are capable of making a positive impact on so many.
among thousands spontaneous apps Collected throughout the territory, selected 3 winners.

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Giuliano and parental love

Amazon’s first star is Giuliano(62 years old) is a worker at the sorting center in Casierat Dada, Bergamo province.
After years in the world of floriculture, Giuliano was forced to reinvent himself and find a job as a warehouse worker at Amazon.
However, the confession is linked to another aspect of Giuliano’s life, which is his commitment volunteer. In fact, he and his wife Romana have collaborated for more than 20 years with the Bergamo officeAIPD (Italian League of Down) that follows the couple’s 21-year-old son, Andrea.
Due to strong personal involvement, Giuliano often suggested internal initiatives, involving the company in activities to support the organization.
Suffice it to say that this year, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays, following Giuliano’s commitment, Amazon will receive panettone from AIPD to give to employees; Additionally, as an additional appreciation for the Amazon Stars nomination, the company made a donation to the association.
The personal gift given to Giuliano consists of Two tickets to the football match of his favorite team: The choice fell on this gift in view of the great passion and faith that Atlanta shares with his son Andrea, along with cinema.

Mathieu, between work and passion

Matthew, 28 years old, He is the youngest winner of the Amazon Stars 2021 competition.
Assigned to an office in Borago de Mulgora, Province of Monza and Brianza, where he works in shifts, he thus found the opportunity to pursue his great passion: break dance.
Mateo, in fact, as well as a longtime dancer, is also a dance teacher.
A job at Amazon gave him the opportunity to earn a stable economic income, a factor that allowed him to continue teaching dance, as well as being a reference point for his younger students.
On the other hand, Matteo has also become the “personal trainer” for his workplace, thanks to his fitness and dance videos posted on Youtube, which his colleagues follow with pleasure.
had Dedication to breakdance To win him the Amazon Stars 2021 campaign.
The gift received was one Professional bluetooth speakerMuch appreciated as it is very useful during dance sessions.

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Amazon Stars Matthew 2

Project Flavia and LARA

Flavia, 41, works in Amazon’s sorting warehouse in Vigonza, Padua province, and is among the winners of the Amazon Stars contest and has been recognized for her creativity.
Indeed, Flavia is passionate cartoonist, who always believed in the power of the ninth art in transmitting messages of various kinds.
From his pen crystallized larra.
LARA, short for Working Helping Respecting Learning, is a comic designed to tell the company’s values ​​at Amazon, as well as to focus attention on a modern, inclusive, and safe work environment.
Flavia successfully carries on her passion for comics and her working relationship with Amazon, which lasted for three years.
Among his many interests, music is included, in particular it’s rocks.
Precisely for this reason, a gift from the company was especially welcome: a voucher Concert tickets for his favorite artists.

Three people with different stories, but united by a great spirit and great willpower.

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