In the Democratic Party there are those who praise the communist regime of the USSR. Lita also allows himself to be a teacher

picture of the Soviet Union. glorification of the communist regime. Another tile flips over PD. Lita realizes every day that he is the one who has to clean up the party. Since the beginning of the election campaign, he has tried to teach others a lesson without having what it takes. He is now in Sharon’s boat, about to enter Hell.

Pd, Letta ends up on her knees

First, there was the shameful controversy witnessed by the trusted leaders of the Democratic Party, such as Albino RobertiThe video, which was on the web, forced him to resign. Then there was the case Queen RaphaelAuthor of some anti-Semitic posts circulating on social media. Then another case: case Rachel Scarpa (The FdI also condemns: “Because of his fictitious attacks against Israel, he went so far as to deny the right to defend the State of Israel.”) As if this were not enough in the Democratic Party, there are those who praise the communist regime of the Soviet Union. Lita ends up on her knees.

Meloni explodes a new case

The latter case is in fact that of the urban secretary of the Democratic Party of Naples Marco Saraceno who published a Facebook post about the Bolshevik Revolution accompanied by pictures: “Happy Anniversary of the Revolution.”

case did not escape Georgia Meloni Who denounced him on Facebook by posting the post with her picture. “After the young candidates from the Democratic Party who deny Israel’s right to exist and to security, there are also those who praise the Soviet Union,” the Brotherhood of Italy leader wrote.

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“Who knows if Lita will also claim that in her interviews with foreign television”

«This – wrote the leader of the Brothers of Italy – is the position of the capital secretary of the Democratic Party of Naples Marco Saraceno, one of the leaders of the under-35s chosen directly by Enrico Letta. “Happy anniversary of the revolution,” wrote Saracino, room candidate at the Polycommunal College of Naples 2: “Happy anniversary of the revolution.” Bolshevism of course. Complete with portraits of Lenin and the Red Army. Who knows – writes Giorgia Meloni – if Lita will also claim this in her interviews on foreign television, who knows how much the international community will appreciate a party that praises the Soviet Union – a totalitarian communist regime that suppressed the freedom of European peoples for half a century, killed millions – while, among other things Another, Russian tanks entered Ukraine with a hammer and sickle to claim the borders of the Soviet Union.”

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