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The exclusion of Russia and Belarus from the Davis Cup and the 2022 Billie Jean King Cup caused a slew of changes ahead of the finals in both cases. The women’s competition moves more, but the man manages to come up with a half-chaos. Let’s find out why.

Billie Jean King Cup
In this case, Russia is entitled to qualify as the 2021 winner in the 2022 finals. The vacant seat will be filled by Australia, the top-ranked loser among the semi-finalists. For this reason, the Australians will not play the qualifiers on 15 and 16 April, and will be played Slovakia Goodbye to go straight to the finals. Similarly, the Belgium You will benefit from the automatic transfer to Belarus.

Basically, the four selections automatically in the finals are: Switzerland, Australia (by right), Slovakia and Belgium (one for farewell, the other for suspending the opponent). The other seven qualifying nations will come from the play-off round, and they will be joined by the organizing country, which has yet to be announced.

Indian Wells, below the board without Zverev and Auger-Aliassime. A chance for Matteo Berrettini and Rublev

Davis Cup
Here it gets more complicated. Russia once again retained the title, through the Tennis Association. His place will be taken by Serbia (best loser in the semi-finals in order), which was already there, having previously received a wild card. This call will turn into One of the 12 losing countries in the qualifying round on March 4 and 5It is one among Ecuador, Romania, Finland, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Slovakia, Hungary, Norway, Japan, Czech Republic and Austria.

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This base card will be straight to the “Partitioned” Finals, given that the group stage will be in September and the highlights will take place in November, along with Croatia (finalist 2021), Serbia and Great Britain (the other invitee), and to the 12 winning nations. of the qualifying rounds. These are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, South Korea, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

The Belarusian class, which participated in the World Group I qualifiers, remains, but it is clear that it cannot play it. Mexico have received the first leg and will play live in September in a bid to move into the 2023 qualifiers. Meanwhile, Uzbekistan (the best loser, by standings, in the World Group A qualifiers) has been saved, while China and Thailand instead will be able to To compete in the second world group.

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