In the Cuneo Test match, Italy surrenders to the United States

wedge- The men’s national team lost 3-0 (25-23, 25-22, 25-22) by the United States in the first match of the DHL Test Match, a hat-trick in preparation for the World Championships scheduled in Poland and Slovenia from August 26 to September 11.
The race was fun even if it becomes clear that the two teams, who are struggling to prepare for intense, are definitely not at their best.

CT De Giorgi kept his first outing after VNL Alessandro Micheletto at rest as a precaution yesterday due to bowel disturbances, thus posting Giannelli in dribbling, Romano on diagonal, Bottolo and Lavia Martelli, Galassi and Russo central with Balaso free.
The US occupied the field with setter Christenson, opposing Anderson Smith and center Jendrick, forwards Muagututia and Defalco, and Shuji for free.
The first group is balanced with the Azzurri who, after a somewhat choppy start, has resumed his opponents by showing more fluidity in maneuvering as the minutes went on. What resulted was a well-balanced overall break with teams always taking turns driving with minimal advantages and often tied up to the final bars (23-23) when the Americans managed to put together the decisive break that earned 25-23 which decided the end of the group Despite the good proportions in all the basics for the formation of the tricolor.
At the start of the second break De Giorgi gave space to Piccinelli instead of Balaso, confirming the rest of the team. Also in the second set, during which Resin entered Botolo’s place, the two teams faced each other openly with the Azzurri who, however, never managed to continue with a conviction, leading to the loss again in the final stages (21-24); The opponent’s first set of ball was voided, then Giannelli and his teammates struggled 21-25 which earned the Americans 2-0, and he is good at taking advantage of less visibility from the Blues on the wall and in reception compared to the first set.
The third part that still sees Recine (for Bottolo) and Piccinelli (for Balaso) on the field; As the minutes went by, De Giorgi also gave Anzani space, but despite the changes Italy never managed to reverse the stalemate in the match, suffering 25-22 which earned the final 3-0.
Once the race is over, two more sets will continue to be played.

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