In self-driving cars, TV viewing is allowed: this is how the road code changes too

Watching a movie or an episode of your favorite TV series while traveling by car to any destination? A dream for many drivers, who obviously can’t be distracted from driving their car while their traveling companions might be enjoying a couple of hours of TV on their tablets.

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From England, it seems that someone has thought about how to entertain and relax even drivers, allowing video streaming systems to be installed on self-driving cars, thus allowing drivers to be able to be distracted and relax by watching something. On the TV he sits comfortably in the driver’s seat.

With that said, provided that you are ready to immediately return to the active commands of the vehicle, to immediately regain control of the machine and over all of your senses. Because you know, it’s not easy when you’re immersed in an interesting program, to get back to doing something else in a few milliseconds.

Driving with assistance, it is already possible to get distracted for a few moments

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In the UK, last year, the possibility of installing driving assistance systems on a series of cars was introduced, even if we can not yet talk about self-driving.

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This type of machine, in fact, is able to go some distance from the road, with a maximum speed of 60 km / h, without the driver having to keep his hands on the steering wheel. But of course it should always be able to take back control of the car in any eventuality, because it’s really a lane maintenance system and not an independent drive system.

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In the case of self-driving cars, while maintaining an indispensable condition, the interest must always be ready to return to the highest levels, perhaps next year there could be formal legislation regarding the proposal presented in the UK.

However, the Highway Act, the British motorway code behind the proposal, was keen to make clear that the proposal to make self-driving cars use entertainment screens, does not include small screens. And by small screens, we mean smart phones.

In fact, the use of cell phones in the car will still be prohibited even in self-driving cars, as the mobile phone continues to be considered one of the leading causes of road accidents around the world, and even in the case of assisted driving or self-driving so that the mobile phone is not allowed to distract you.

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