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In Seattle, California, parts of the United States were said to have snowed to witness a White Christmas.

a White Christmas has arrived In some parts of Western America.

Saturday afternoon, after offering a rare view of the Seattle area, snow fell on the mountains of California on Saturday afternoon.

There were a lot of them relations The National Weather Service says snow is falling around Seattle Snow, hard journey Predictable on local roads.

a “seems infinite” Central meteorologists said areas of low pressure in the Pacific Ocean will hit the West Coast, causing cold storms in the middle of the week.

There was also snow mentioned Portland, Oregon, area, where cold arctic winds movements, meteorologists said.

Recent forecasts show that on Sunday there will be at least an inch of snow in Seattle and parts of Portland that don’t normally see snow.

era “Heavy and heavy snowfall” Saturday in Tahoe and the Reno Basin, Nevada, according to the local Weather Service office. Interstate 80 was closed for the second day in a row near Toner Peak on California Highway Patrol. He said. Double vision has been reported.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms hit the Gulf region on Saturday. Flood advisory for San Francisco was canceled that afternoon.

It was covered in snow somehow fourth in the country On Saturday, I finally returned to the California foothills, where a new set of low temperatures and humidity formed the ice that clinged to the palm tree at night.

The 70-mile junction closed in the upper Sierra Nevada on Saturday as the storm blew second winds that cut nearly two feet of snow overnight at some ski resorts around Lake Tahoe.

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Even in San Diego, where snow is scarce, it’s possible to get a glimpse of dust, but it may be too late for Christmas to be considered white.

“We can get some dust in the mountains of San Diego County,” said Casey Oswand, a forecaster.

However, other parts of California experienced a rainy Christmas as storms continued to engulf the state, causing flash floods and flooding in some areas during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, temperatures continue to rise in the southern lowlands. Federal meteorologists blamed that “Uneven Low Heat Cream.”

High temperatures exceed the record Sunday may be from the southern plains to the Mediterranean,” the National Weather Service said.

“Most of the South has been much warmer in Texas and Oklahoma since dating back to the 1980s,” the report said. The warmest average temperature Sunday will extend from northern Texas to southern Kansas where temperatures will be 25-35 degrees above average.

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