In Resident Evil Village there is a giant vampire lady who is already driving fans crazy –

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Resident Evil Village Not properly presented yet but in new material released by Capcom aA very high vampire lady That seems to have already been done Drive the fans crazy, Which shows how this could be one of the most beloved characters in the new chapter.

As we mentioned in recent days, Capcom announced a show for next week dedicated to Resident Evil Village and in the past few hours some rumors about what we will see in the January 21 event have surfaced by a dropout, but among these items there is not enough interest. Giant Vampire WomanBut this did not escape fans.

It is not clear if he is a real boss, but he is Mysterious side Unleash the craze: he seems quite clearly an evil character, but at the same time he has great charm and also seems to have generous proportions, due to the image in which he is near the other characters.

The idea of ​​a vampire lady Huge and busty, Ready to catch us but able to practically step in without much effort, apparently, unleashed a lot of users’ craze To appreciate This thing with a somewhat fetish taste.

As Poligon also points out, the lady in question has become a thing Vulgaris The themes among fans of the series await Resident Evil Village and the ones listed below are just a few examples that have built up in a few hours.

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