In receipts also contributions to bills, so the pizzeria in Naples is fighting the cost of living: ‘We have our backs to the wall’

8299 euros for electricity: This is the bill received by Salvatore Grasso, owner of the historic pizzeria Gorizia 1916 in Naples. “In the face of these costs, we are subsidizing the wall,” he says. Corriere della Sera. What hit the restaurateur is a real rise in expenses related to gas and electricity: Grasso claims that last year I paid a third of the amount “2500, maximum 2800 euros”. Now, however, he finds himself facing an «increase in 300%.” To counter it, consider adding provocatively of new items for the customer’s account. In addition to drinks, pizza and pizza, in fact, customers found one in the receipt Extra charge represented as follows: “Gas contribution”, “energy” and “rent”.

“We can no longer manage this situation,” Grasseau explained. “The increased capacity for my pizzeria and for my other colleagues, and that also depends on the suppliers who find themselves having to raise their prices.” So it concludes, The increases have an impact ‘on the entire supply chain’: «We are compelled, after many years, to review everything». alarm cry, a few days agoHe also launched the owner of the Funky Gallo pizzeria in the Cremona region, Alberto Rovati. 4000 Euroin this case, it was the amount on the bill that Ruvati decided to display in the window, wondering: “When expenses become unsustainable. Put a margherita pizza for 10 euros and go as a thief or shut down the company?A defeat for the restaurant, especially because it was famous in Roncadillo for its affordable prices. But Rufati made it clear that doubling the cost of pizza was an obligatory option: “We have to. The alternative is to close the business“.

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