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BEIJING – The parade of the North Korean hierarchy on ice is the latest subtle nod to analysts studying Pyongyang (from a distance).

The Labor Party conference has just taken place Except for Kim Yoo Jong, sister of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, from the Politburo.

The lady remains only a member of the Central Committee. The finer details of North Korea’s policy, which feed on hard-to-decipher signals.

The woman still looked strong, as Pyongyang News reported yesterday that she was quoted as criticizing the Seoul government. If it is not favored, then Kim Yoo Jong will not be mentioned in the system’s propaganda.

On the contrary, he continues to appear in ceremonies headed by his brother.

But today’s photos leave some doubt: Kim led a long procession of VIPs visiting the Palais Del Sol, under heavy snow. Appears His sister, but to the side, is distant and awkwardAs she tries to keep up with the procession, her heels sink in the snow. A little game to embarrass her or a trick to make her notice more?

The 32-year-old lady of 2018 always appears behind the Big Brother, but in a lonely position, or if clearly submissive at his side (she supplies him with a pen, scissors to cut the opening tape, holds an ashtray). However She also served as a special envoy to South Korea, when she held the first talks alone with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, In 2018.

There was a lot of talk about Kim’s sister in the spring of 2020, when the dictator mysteriously made himself invisible and rumors of the disease spread. The Pyongyang system is based on the ultimate and semi-divine power of the Kim E family We wondered if the young and skinny sister of the marshal could collect the inheritance should the need arise.There are no males available for immediate succession at the helm: Kim’s half-brother died of poisoning in 2017; The other brother is dedicated to art; The dictator’s eldest son is only 10 years old (if he’s a boy, as they say).

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Married to an unidentified member of nomenklatura, Kim Yoo Jung has a boy who is two or three years old. It is known that her father Kim Jong Il called her “My Sweet Princess”.

Sweet maybe princess is definitely in the bloodline, but she’s sarcastic and ruthless. He cannot be unaware of the decision To poison half-brother Kim Jong Nam In Kuala Lumpur in 2017. However, Supreme Leader Kim has reappeared, after power outages in April 2020, quelling speculation of doom; He then went into hiding again and finally returned to show great political vitality on January 5, when the Labor Party conference opened in Pyongyang. He spoke for nine hoursIt threatened to develop new nuclear missiles; He appointed himself Secretary General, even though he was already one-party president. The party also released its new Politburo member list of ten, with Kim Yoo Jong removed. In April, Kim Yo-jung was placed on the list of the Labor Party Politburo as “alternate member”. For analysts, this issue is subtle and dark. But in every overt action of the system there is a sign. For Kim Yo-jong, that was a comeback: She entered the Politburo for the first time in 2018, when she was the one who had kept in touch with Seoul at the time of the Great Thaw. Then in February 2019 Hanoi failed when Donald Trump got up from the second summit table with KimAfter realizing that the “friend of the North Korean leader” was a deceiver, he had no intention of giving up weapons of mass destruction. A few weeks later, the sister’s name was removed from the Politburo. The lady returned to the shadows. To get out of it again in October 2019: He rode behind his brother on the sacred mountain of Paektu.

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If she gets really downsized, Kim Yo-jong is back in first grade. In March 2020, a new sign of its important role: The woman signed a document for the first time, which was an insult to South KoreaDefined as a “fearful dog barking stupidly.” Then speculation about the succession during Kim’s disappearance and his shortlisting of the Politburo. Now once again the exclusion and embarrassing steps in the snow. Continuation of the next episode.

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