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The Williams team wants to reach 100 stops in honor of Captain Tom Moore’s score in the Portuguese Grand Prix in Formula 1. A challenge that is not impossible to achieve for a team seeking to improve themselves. Of course, the ranking is not positive at the moment, but the margins for good performance are all in. Focus should be at its peak in the next few weeks to reach your first wins.

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Williams pit stop: Great Captain Moore

In April 2020, Moore completed 100 laps of his iconic lawn in an effort to raise $ 1,000 for NHS Charities Together. Moore’s efforts attracted the nation’s attention and raised £ 38.9 million in total. He was awarded a knighthood for his efforts but unfortunately passed away at the age of 100 in February. In his honor, Williams will attempt 100 stops during the weekend in Portimao to celebrate his 101st birthday on April 30th. The Grove-based company will participate in this challenge so that it can raise awareness of the Spine Injury Association (SIA) official charity. SIA is a charity that supports people with spinal cord injuries in the United Kingdom.

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