In order to drop the legendary Sukajan Kiriko skin, you have to watch six hours of broadcasting –

New has been revealed Drop Overwatch 2 on TwitchThis is the skin/legendary model Kiriko Sukagan, the super sharp atomizer of Kriko and the lucky charm of the donut. The first takes six hours.

Specifically, to get a file Legendary model Kiriko Sukagan In Overwatch 2, you must follow any broadcast of Overwatch 2 on Twitch for a total of six hours between October 7 at 11 p.m. and October 17 at 8:59 a.m.

So Kiriko extra sharp sprayInstead, you should tune in to any Overwatch 2 broadcast on Twitch for a total of two hours between October 17th at 8pm and October 25th at 9am. Finally, for Lucky Charm Donut You have to follow five hours (also counting two drizzles) of broadcasts on Twitch, again from October 17-25.

to me Drops, you have to choose a channel that you are active in. Also, you must have linked your Twitch profile to your Blizzard account. Drop is also activated after different broadcasters: you don’t always have to follow the same banners. Overwatch 2 points must be redeemed on the channel you’re watching or in the Twitch drops list. It may take up to 24 hours to receive in-game rewards after they are redeemed.

What do you think of these Overwatch 2 drops? Finally, here is a video diary dedicated to Kiriko and development progress.

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