In Monticello, an outdoor fitness path for the psychosomatic well-being of citizens –

Monticello d’Alba’s municipality has committed to the Toronto Charter (the guideline promoted by the ASL for a healthy lifestyle) by investing in the purchase of wood and steel materials to create a fitness path in the midst of nature.

The place chosen is the Municipal Park at Strada Faiale, which is located in the lower part of town, along the banks of the Mellea River. There are a total of 13 suggested stages, where you can do different exercises to strengthen your entire muscle – from legs to arms, from stomach to back – and to stay in shape. It’s suitable for everyone depending on the degree of difficulty, from aerobic exercises to the most demanding exercises, and each has a tag describing the exercise methodology and the number of repetitions.

The park has not yet opened and will be usable when the Piedmont changes to orange.

The implementation of the project was followed by the municipal advisor William Marquette That’s an explanation: “This type of physical activity has always fascinated outdoor fitness enthusiasts because it is very effective in terms of muscle development, but at the same time it is practical and fun for those approaching the world of fitness for the first time or for those who want to find an opportunity to exercise in a relaxed context like a green zone. A few steps away from home. Personally, I greatly appreciate the support and leadership the management has given me to manage the Fitness Path project, adhere to the Toronto Charter and future initiatives in the sports and health fields. I believe that physical well-being is directly proportional to mental well-being, and therefore he is a co-author of The Beauty of Human Relationships On which society should be based

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“If the Latins had already formulated this line of thought”mens sana in corpore sano “It is also necessary to take care of one’s body to give luxury to the mind – comments of the mayor, Silvio Artusio Comba -. e(D) It is precisely for this reason that he has made the world of sport so often out of his own world. ”

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