In mid-August, the opening match of the European Volleyball Championship

The last competitive event took place nearly 35 years ago, with the May 23, 1988 volleyball match between the United States and the Soviet Union. Now Verona is ready to once again host an international sports competition in the arena, thanks to concerted efforts.

The opening match of the 2023 European Women’s Volleyball Championship In fact, it will take place in Verona on August 15th in our amphitheater. The municipality of Verona accepted the request of the Italian Volleyball Federation which in recent years has moved in this direction: since the challenge of the USA and the USSR, there have been no more competitive events since they have not been authorized.

«A result of an important collective effort, which in recent months has seen the commitment of many people to move together in the same direction, and I am happy with the result – Mayor Damiano Tomasi comments -. All this was possible thanks to the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Sports, the Undersecretary Gianmarco Mazzi, the Superintendent Vincenzo Tini, Cecilia Gasdia, the Superintendent of the Arena Foundation, who contributed to the planning of this important international sporting event, in the middle of an opera season no less important than that, the season of Centenary. I thank Connie President Giovanni Malaghi, President of the National Volleyball Federation Giuseppe Manfredi and Stefano Bianchini, President of the FIVB Regional Committee for their insistence in this direction. Therefore, the journey that will accompany us until the 2026 Olympics will begin on August 15, when the arena will host the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games.. Sport and the arena are a combination that cannot but inspire enthusiasm.”

The competition’s groups are decided on Wednesday afternoon in Naples, with Azzurre included in Group B along with Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Switzerland.

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