In Miami, a villa where the real and the virtual meet

you love Me That’s it. It’s the Art Deco of the traditional homes, the MiMo style of the skyscrapers and the color of the homes that maintain the integrity – and character – of its beaches. It’s easy to imagine Desiree Cassoni and Pablo Rodriguez-Frail who roam the city streets, talking about art, architecture, and design with a passion for 21st-century nomads, citizens of the world, which leads them to mix words in English, Spanish, and Italian. She is an architect and designerFor a Dominican mother and an Italian father. He is a mathematician and economist A specialist in the world of finance and blockchain, he comes from “an entirely Spanish family, even though I grew up in Miami,” he tells us. The two met at Columbia University New York During their studies: “We’re two of the few sweethearts left in college,” Pablo says with a laugh.

in the living room, Hortensia chair by Andrés Reisinger and two armchairs Lana chair by Agnes Studio. On the left, a small table Eli by Denholm and on the wall, sol By Antonio Balister Moreno. On one of the small tables, a vase excavated ships by Jeff Martin. At the bottom, the console dresser by Atelier Caracas.Gene Canto

Their passports bear several international stamps, but without hesitation They choose Miami as a base. “The quality of life here is second to none. It is the safest city in the United States and She has everything you could want. There is a huge boom in the world of technology, entertainment and sports … It is also full of children and there are good schools, museums, galleries and restaurants, ”as they say during a video call that brings us closer, despite more than 7,000 kilometers and the six hour time difference that separates us. It’s only 9.30, but they’ve already managed to make the most of the day – in pure American style. They fondly remember their time in the Big Apple, but also with the comfort of those who no longer pass through its neighborhoods. “It’s a place to go if you love design. Everything beats, nobody goes to New York to waste time,” Desiree says, “but you’re always away from home and eventually you realize you’re paying too much for a bed,” she adds. After the whirlpool Characteristic of the age when one does not worry where and how to sleep, and after spending some time in Madrid, they arrived six years ago on the coast fl to make a nest for their family (they have two young girls), based on architecture and art in all its forms.

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