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In Gubbio, great participation in the “Tweeners for Tomorrow” project with delegations from the twin cities of France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Hungary.

Promoting European integration and strengthening contacts between societies of different countries on the basis of the Union’s foundational values: inclusion, gender equality and non-discrimination. These are some of the foundations of the “Twinners for Tomorrow” project, a series of meetings that started on Wednesday 19 April, promoted by the Municipality of Gubbio in collaboration with the Gubbio Gemellaggi Association and which is part of the CERV-funded European project (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values). Departments of supporters, twinning associations, children and secondary school teachers in cities twinned with Gubbio, such as Thann for France, Wertheim for Germany, Szentendre for Hungary as well as Huntingdon and Godmanchester for the United Kingdom. The Centro Servizi Santo Spirito was the seat of meetings, workshops and discussions: among the topics, reflecting on the degree of awareness and knowledge of twinning-related activities on the part of citizens and reconstructing each city the history of the development of networks of international relations and predicting the future. There was also no shortage of playful and joyful moments hosted every evening in Ceri’s three bars with the theme of the union associated with the 65th anniversary of the twinning between Gubbio and Thann, united by Patron Ubaldo. This is without forgetting the creative educational workshops dedicated to art with children Mazzatinte Technical High School (coordinated by Antonella Capone and Caterina Pescarini), in Dance with the Municipal School (to harmonize with Alessio Agnelli), in the theater (with Works coordinated by Max Hoffmann) in addition to discussions and brainstorming (with Valeria Baldelli), all containers where Students and adults interact to develop proposals, presentations and artistic products. The foundations were also laid for the creation of a website for the twin cities as well as a documentation center that could serve as a permanent laboratory for citizens informed and informed regarding the evolving European geopolitical context.

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Gubbio / Galdo Tadino
04/21/2023 19:14
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