In Grosseto, the integrated cancer clinic. Burioni: “Alternative medicine.” Reply: “misunderstand”.

Grosto. “For a cancer patient, ‘alternative therapies’ are the equivalent of a flying carpet as an alternative to a parachute for those who jump out of an airplane. There are effective treatments and treatments that don’t. These alternatives do not work. And that’s who.”

Through a short tweet posted yesterday at 13.53, which re-launched a tweet from his colleague Salvo de Grazia, Roberto Burione, a virologist, immunologist, and well-known academic and scientist, casts a shadow over Southeast ASL’s enthusiasm for the opening of the “Wellness Techniques and Lifestyles for Cancer Patients” clinic in the oncology ward in recent days at Misericordia Hospital in Grosseto. And she risks creating a tsunami in a glass of water for a center of excellence like the Oncology Center in Misericordia.

So much so that the head of the oncology department, Dr. Carmelo Banglaputs his hands on the spot: “A huge misunderstanding has been created – explains Bengala – and false messages are passed that must be immediately rescinded. What is being done in the new clinic does not cure the tumor. We do it in our oncology center, which is a regional and national reference center, where Cancer prevention, diagnosis, study and treatment are carried out at the level of the best national and foreign centers, using the best and most innovative treatments with the highest staff.level and preparation.Thanks to this therapeutic innovation, we have achieved a significant reduction in mortality by about 11%.We are not talking about alternative medicine here, Not to mention. I’m against alternative medicine. I’m a doctor with insane scientific rigor, gained over the years, and with a lot of research behind it. Here we’re talking about a cancer patient’s well-being clinic that begins with nutrition, the right lifestyle, and relaxation.”

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what are you talking about

The “Integrated Oncology” clinic opened on Wednesday and already has seven patients on the list, the “Integrated Oncology” clinic was introduced by the American Syria Society as a “response to support patients facing contraindications to treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and the symptoms they cause from the disease “.

Here they try to mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. how? Through the use of relaxation techniques, correct lifestyles and traditional Chinese medicine practices such as acupuncture and moxibustion.

De Grazia’s tweet

The first to publicly criticize this initiative, as mentioned, was except for gracegynecologist, author of a medical blog on Happening every day. On April 1, he wrote on Twitter: “The health company is proud of that too, but it gives me goosebumps. Look at it well. I will never stop fighting for no patient to be treated this way. Nobody.” Tweet attached to a photo of the clinic, revealed by ASL itself, where you can see a shelf with bowls, candles, and other items for traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

“It is a scientific opinion that there is no evidence for the effectiveness of treatments such as acupuncture and moxibustion,” de Grazia stresses on the phone. Not even to relieve nausea, vomiting, pain and fatigue? “As a placebo, they do something – as de Grazia points out – but do we really want to give a placebo to patients with important diseases? There was a time when ginger was used for nausea during pregnancy and I was also suggesting it to my patients. Other studies showed no efficacy and they were discontinued. Ginger was for pregnancy nausea. Here we are talking about the pain caused by cancer treatments…

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According to de Grazia, the notion that the legitimacy of these practices by the NHS is not to be underestimated in patients. De Grazia explains: “It does nothing but confuse patients—you open the door to something that doesn’t work, but fools people a little. From here to more extreme things it can be a short step.” So why would General Hospital offer treatments that are not scientifically proven? Having a certain demand – says de Grazia – or to display the image of an open and innovative hospital.”

Bengal version

“I repeat: I treat cancer myself, in our oncology center – he explains from his side to Tyrrhenian Bengal -. The clinic takes care of something else. It is a multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary nursing and medical clinic, known as Wellness Technologies & Lifestyles, whose goal is to improve the quality of life of our patients. Which, thanks to the fact that they are treated with the best treatments available, can often recover or survive longer anyway.”

Specifically because life expectancy has improved, an outpatient clinic was needed that would follow the patient in their daily life, without treatments. “This is why we have set up a lifestyle clinic – says Bangla – where psycho-oncologist, dietician and nutritionist are involved for a proper and healthy diet, and where there is lifestyle education to prevent recurrence. The clinic also offers acupuncture and relaxation techniques, But above all else is nutrition and lifestyle education. There are analyzes and scientific work showing that relaxation techniques improve quality of life during treatment.” Furthermore, Bengala notes, “Medications do not prescribe and do not provide any treatments. It is just patient support.”

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Borione objection

For his part, Borione joined Tyrrhenian By letter, he reaffirms his ideas about the role of these therapies in disorders caused by anticancer therapies: “You should ask ASL for evidence of efficacy, not me for those that are ineffective.”

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