In Giraglia Elo II led by Chieffi: “Boat refurbished for YCI boys” –

Sanremo – Some stories go beyond sailing and sports and tell how dreams and emotions can be behind a boat. This is the case of the Elo II who participates in the 69th edition of the Giraglia with a brave crew of young athletes from the Italian Yacht Club with Tommaso Chieffi at the helm first and then, for a long time, will take them to Corsica and Genoa with Mauro Blacher. But Elo’s story begins far away, when a six-year-old boy receives three metal letters from an old wrecked boat and a wooden model of a sailboat. The boy’s name was Giuseppe Sorda, from Genoa, and his grandmother knew well his passion for sailing and boating, although the family had no connection with the sea. Growing up, he kept this passion with him, and worked hard before he could see his dream come true, after receiving a failed degree in physics, a real law degree, but above all after the first fees of friends, who are a little crazy like him, trusting him.

Elo II was born in 1989, but Beppe would like children and young adults with a passion for sailing, like him, to ride this boat. This new challenge was launched by the Italian Yachting Club itself, making the boat available to all members of the Young Sailors. For three years, he and the YCI men have achieved extraordinary results, with second place at Giraglia in real life and second overall, winners of the Week of the Mouths, then Spring Regattas in Portofino, Genoa regatta. “This is a laboratory boat for young talents, similar to the ultra-lightweight displacement boats that went crazy on the coasts of the United States, very futuristic and very modern,” he explains. Tommaso ChevyRemember how today’s youth is a second guy, given that he has experimented over the years, experienced a restyling by the Italian Yachting Club in 2020, also due to the many good memories shared by the members. “Nice challenge commends the owner who donated the boat to YCI, a boat that is over 30 years old and still sailing with great challenges.”

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