In Final Fantasy 16, party members are controlled by artificial intelligence –

Among the information that appeared on Final Fantasy 16 In our interview with Naoki Yoshida, the game’s producer, there is also a topic related to party management, emphasizing that Battle Companions They are not directly controlled by the player, but they are subject to Managed by artificial intelligence.

This aspect too, he says Yoshida in the interview published on Multiplayer.itarises from the need to maintain a Fast pace during combatIn keeping with the new movement style that characterizes Final Fantasy 16’s combat system. As mentioned earlier, the new chapter’s combat system is inspired by the classic hack-and-slash action by Capcom, PlatinumGames and, in part, FromSoftware, so there was no practical way to ensure party members’ control in such This dynamic and fast paced game.

“The combat system is all aboutWork in real timeThus, to allow players to focus on controlling Clive, we have decided that the other party members will be under the control of the AI,” Yoshida explained in the interview.

In all this, however, there seems to be a filean exceptionmentioned by the producer: a “companion” that can be assigned basic commands such as treat or attack, or leave robotic commands based on combat style.

However, it is not clear whether this is a specific situation occurring at some point or whether the comrade in question is in fact a human member of the party or a supporting figure.

We recently saw Final Fantasy 16 with the new trailer released for State of Play in June, with the release period set for Summer 2023.

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