In Davos they want to “reset” freedom of expression. Proposal at the World Economic Forum, and no one turns upside down – time

In the river of data and analysis of the World Economic Forum, the most famous global meeting on the economy, back in Davos, Switzerland, after being interrupted by the epidemic, an intervention appears that causes a certain stir. Australian Cyber ​​Safety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant speaks.

Seeing in these statements the desire, not even hidden, to impose some kind of censorship settles, said Australian cybersecurity officer Nicholas Borough.

In the name of security, “a mentality probably akin to the Middle Ages is promoted, which consists in depriving people of expressing their opinions, or rather opinions not in line with those ‘dictated’, albeit secretly, by politically correct respect,” we read in a press site Fourth Republic. Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton denounced the Australian’s exit, who posted on Twitter a video of Davos’ intervention, as well as the account of the American Republicans in the House Judiciary Committee.

Most disturbingly, Grant’s statements did not “conflict with anyone during the discussion, despite the fact that the most important forum of the world of economics is always well prepared – perhaps in words only – for the issues of respecting and protecting the essentials. The rights that have been objectively trampled in these statements,” the site explains. In fact, the other speakers nodded in satisfaction.

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