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In conclusion, the partner was acquired by Woolman Optical

Giant eyeglasses and eye lenses Isilor Luxottica Acquisition completed Wollman Opticals. It is one of the main partners of the Italian-French group in the USA, specializing in products and services for the vision sector, with a network of 28 coast-to-coast laboratories and three processing centers.

The deal, first announced a year ago, “will leverage EssilorLuxottica’s focus on product and service innovation, to generate new growth opportunities for Walman Optical.”

Wollman Opticals currently generates approximately $500 million in annual revenue. To find out more about EssilorLuxottica’s 2021 offerings, we’ll have to wait until March 11th.

In October, with the release of third-quarter data, management assumed “high average” revenue growth at constant rates for the full year, compared to 2019 and a 100 basis point increase in adjusted operating profit, the turnover ratio.

In the first nine months, EssilorLuxottica’s revenue, including the acquisition of Grand Vision (consolidated since July), amounted to 15.9 billion euros, an increase of 31.2% compared to the same period in 2020.


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