In Bobbio, the gym remains without a seat and is closed. “For us it was an antidepressant”

Training courses of the Center “La Tartaruga”

There is no longer Bobbio Gym, the only one from Ottone to Rivergaro. Reason: Not finding a new place. By September 30th Owner and Trainer Marino MatzuchiThe 55-year-old, president of the “Movimento e natura” association, will have to vacate the premises of the former school where he had secured training in the last years of the tools.
In fact, each agreement has expired and cannot be extended, according to the municipality, which purchased the structure months ago to build the future school campus here, pending funding.

They are the same users of the gym now who say that the service serves the community and while waiting for work in the high school, now “San Columbano” high school, they can continue to the big building: “Here are the people of the social center who were able to train as well. Employment of “La Tartaruga”, Boys and girls who are looking for greater self-esteem, those who are looking for a safe place to improve in the winter.It is often said that young people cannot waste an afternoon in front of cell phones, and then…Movement, then, for old people is Also an antidepressant.”

Vice Mayor of piazzetta Santa Chiara Simona Innocenti He explains: “The gym is a private activity, a pioneering initiative, any municipal spaces can be awarded through a tender open to all participants. The problem, as it was explained, relates to the fact that the gym is not at the indicated level of use. Pro loco also had to clear the rooms Previously used. We reported the need to vacate the gym months early, specifically to allow the owner to reorganize themselves in the autumn light, and find other areas.”

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