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In Australia they want to kill 10,000 wild horses, that’s why

There are approximately 14,380 wild horses within the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. This number needs to be significantly reduced due to its impact on the surrounding ecosystem Troublesome for all domestic species. If nothing is done, the horses could reach 20,000 by 2022.

However, this idea does not seem to be very useful since then 3000 horses are still allowed to inhabit a third of the parkAccording to a letter written by 15 scientists and signed by 69 researchers and supporting scientific societies. The remaining horses will continue to threaten endangered species and the local environment as a whole (up to 10,000 camels culled for consuming too much water).

Kosciuszko parkRecovery from drought, wildfire, and overgrazing cannot begin if, as currently suggested, 3,000 wild horses remain.”, according to the letter, written on behalf of the Australian Academy of Sciences. I mean, scientists don’t want to leave too many horses in the park, because it can largely cancel out the killing of another 10,000 (in Australia, 113 species are close to extinction).

Radical choice, but necessary Because they’re trying to restore the park’s environment. To protect the flora, fauna, and local ecosystem of horses, the team of scientists is asking the government to “Quickly reduce the number of stray horses to well below the initial target of 3,000 using all available and effective methods“And do it in Compliance with luxury standards Animals (some of them, in fact, want to move them).

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