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In Australia, they use the seed oil used to charge electric cars

BiØfil is an Australian system that uses waste vegetable oil from deep fryers to charge electric vehicles up to 50 kW.

You can use theseed oil Used in deep fryers to power electric vehicle battery recharging. This was shown by Polestar, who went through 700 km On the Nulapur Plain in South Australia, with the help of A New fast charger Powered by waste oil.

easy Nulapur is an extension 200,000 square kilometers easy It is virtually treeless across southern and western Australia, measuring about 1,100 km at its widest point. was always considered Off-limits for electric cars, obviously for the long distances and the lack of charging infrastructure.

What to do if there are no columns?

A retired Australian engineer and inventor took care of her John Edwardswhich developed a new fast charger for electric vehicles known as Beuseville. Instead of using solar panels, which wouldn’t be bad in the desert, they’re powered by waste vegetable oil from the Autogrill restaurant in Caiguna. To give the idea, BiØfil charging station is located in 370 km west of the border of South Australia and 370 km East of Norsman, Western Australia, at the gateway to the Nullarbor Plain.

The Polestar 2 long range single-engine engine completed the loading flight in Caiguna only. The station could provide 50 kW, which is enough to charge the car to 80% in more than an hour, and the charge was enough to allow the Polestar 2 to cross Nullarbor, a total distance of 720 km.

Beuseville use fossil fuel generator To extract energy from waste oil. All, however, will be zero effect. Vegetable oil for a deep fryer comes from seed crops, such as canola and sunflower, that absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight, and the carbon dioxide produced to power the charging system is equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed. Could it be true? Now we want to believe it.

Frying oil beats solar, at least for now.

The cost of installing a solar fast parabolic electric charger is five times bigger From the fast charging unit Beuseville. Not only that, solar energy It was not economically possible For a place with little traffic, you have to connect the excess power to the network or install a battery pack to store it. BiØfil will therefore be the temporary ecological solution for electric vehicles crossing Nullarbor at this time.


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