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In Australia they asked my mother to take me to the AC Milan Academy in Sydney.

Christian VolpatoSpeaking to SassuoloChannel, Sassuolo’s first signing for 2023/2024 introduced himself to his new fans: “I started playing football when I was four years old in a local team, in Australia, and then a few months later someone came to my mother and said, ‘You should To take him to the AC Milan Academy in Sydney, and I played for them for about 10 years. Then I changed two teams and went to Rome. In Australia I was lucky because there was an Italian coach and it was like here, whereas when I went to the Sydney club it was different. When I was there I got up at five in the morning, my father left me warm milk, I loved Italian football, and my dream was to play in Serie A. “

Arriving in Italy: “I trained every day to come to Italy, when they told me about the experience with Roma for two weeks, I left school, we moved here without knowing anything, my mother quit her job, then I signed with Roma, I arrived at the age of 15-16, I didn’t I wasn’t expecting anything, it was difficult at first but it’s very beautiful, then the fans fell in love with football, at first it was difficult to get to Italy from Australia, here football is different, it’s more tactical. After a while I learned and now I’m more used to it.” .

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